AirPROM was an EU-funded project that brought together 34 partners from universities, research institutes, the biopharmaceutical industry, patient organisations, small companies and existing research projects. The teams had with expertise in physiology, radiology, image analysis, bioengineering, data harmonization, security and ethics, computational modelling, systems biology, and health communication.

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What did the project find?

The major findings of the project were:

Basic Discovery genetics and bio-statistical modelling:
  • The largest study of severe asthma genomics,
  • The largest study of COPD airway transcriptome
  • The first study of genomics and trait analyses in severe asthma for inflammation and CT-determined airway remodelling
Clinical trials and computational modelling:
  • The first study to demonstrate efficacy of anti-DP2 upon airway inflammation and remodelling
  • The first computational model of eosinophilic airway inflammation and remodelling
  • The first computational model of thermoplasty validated by a clinical trial in severe asthma
Computational models of airway physiology
  • First computational models of oscillometry, multiple breath washout and spirometry open access through CHASTE
Functional Respiratory imaging
  • Development of a new work flow to enable high throughput 3D mesh generation from CT scans and computational fluid dynamics to inform our understanding of heterogeneity of airways disease and response to therapy
  • New CT segmentation software
  • Advanced functional respiratory imaging
  • Software for multiple-breath washout analysis
  • Suite of computational tools to enhance early development

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