Chronic Cough Patient Conference

This event has ended. Recordings of the event are available to watch below.


Watch the Conference

Watch the presentation ‘Chronic cough: a symptom or a disease’ in German language here.

Watch the presentation ‘Current drug treatments for chronic cough’ in French language here.

The Chronic Cough Patient Conference took place online on Saturday 7 May 2022.

The event was organised by members of the ELF Cough Patient Advisory Group and medical experts from NeuroCough – a European Respiratory Society (ERS) Clinical Research Collaboration (CRC).

A live translation app was available on the day, with simultaneous translation into: Arabic, Bahasa (Indonesian), Bengali, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, and Vietnamese.

About chronic cough

Chronic cough is a persistent (long-lasting) cough that is not caused by other conditions such as asthma or COPD, and is not due to breathing in an obvious irritant such as cigarette smoke. Chronic cough can be a very isolating condition.

About the conference

The Chronic Cough Patient Conference aimed to bring together patients and chronic cough experts. The event included:

  • experts explaining the condition and the treatments available,
  • patients sharing their experiences, and
  • the chance to ask questions about the condition.


  • Why we cough
  • How harmful is chronic cough?
  • How chronic cough is diagnosed
  • Treatments for chronic cough
  • New treatments on the horizon


  • Professor Stuart Mazzone, Professor in Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Dr Peter Kardos, Head of Group Practice and the Department for Respiratory Medicine at the Red Cross Maingau Hospital, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Professor Alyn Morice, Head of Cardiorespiratory Studies at Hull York Medical School, UK
  • Professor Lieven Dupont, Pulmonologist at the University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Professor Laurent Guilleminault, Pneumo-allergist at the Hospital of Toulouse and the Toulouse Pathophysiology Center, France
  • Professor Anne Vertigan, manager of speech pathology for John Hunter Hospital and Belmont Hospital, Newcastle, Australia
  • Professor Jacky Smith, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Manchester, UK

There were also patient experiences of people living with chronic cough.

Download the programme in Central European Summer Time (CEST) 

Download the programme in British Summer Time (BST)



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