EPAP Live: 1. Fundraising

Time: 13.00 – 14.00 CET


Our online European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) has gone from strength to strength since it was launched. We are very proud of the number of individuals who have completed the course and then been inspired to bring people together to improve lung health, increase awareness on specific issues, and lobby leaders to make important changes.

We want to add even more value to EPAP by running a series of live webinars to highlight topics that we think will complement the skills people already have.

The first webinar of the series will focus on fundraising.

Event overview

ELF works with many different groups, patient organisations and individuals to bring awareness to, and improve, lung health. We are always inspired by your work, but often hear that due to restrictions on resources, including funding, there are limits to what people can do.

In this webinar we want to look at the importance of fundraising as an organisation or as an individual, especially in the current financial climate. We will look at some of the basics that will help you set up and get started, hearing from our own fundraiser Katherine Wylie. We will also hear from Oksana Kulish on her experiences of fundraising for PH (Pulmonary hypertension), with stories to inspire you to get started.


  • Simona Bianco (Host) – ELF Council member and Fundraising consultant
  • Oksana Kulish  – Pulmonary hypertension patient, PHURDA leader, ELF council member and EPAP graduate
  • Katherine Wylie – ELF fundraiser