Bronchiectasis self-care guide launched this World Bronchiectasis Day

To mark this year’s World Bronchiectasis Day on 1 July we released a new resource: the Bronchiectasis self-care guide.

The guide has been written by people with bronchiectasis to help other people living with this condition and is available in both English and Italian.

Barbara Crossley, who has had bronchiectasis since childhood and is a member of our Bronchiectasis Patient Advisory Group said, “We believe that self-care is just as important as medication in being able to live well with bronchiectasis. In this guide we wanted to share what works for us in terms of physiotherapy, exercise, diet, coping with breathlessness and fatigue, and taking care of our mental health.

“Self-care takes time and effort each day, but it enables us to lead a healthier, more active life with greater resilience to infections and flare-ups, and that has to be worthwhile. We hope it helps anyone struggling to cope with bronchiectasis.”

Download the Bronchiectasis self-care guide in English and Italian at