Find information about bronchiectasis in Dutch and French on new websites

The Bronchiectasis Patient Priorities website has been translated into French and Dutch and the new websites are now live.

We are delighted to announce that the Bronchiectasis Patient Priorities website is now available in French and Dutch. It provides information about diagnosis, treatment and improving self-management for people living with the condition and their caregivers and family members.

The information on the Bronchiectasis Patient Priorities websites was developed with the help of our Bronchiectasis Patient Advisory Group and healthcare professionals from EMBARC (European Multicentre Bronchiectasis Audit and Research Collaboration), who are experts in the field. We also want to thank EMBARC who have funded the translations for these new websites.

The new French and Dutch websites can be accessed from the main Patient Priorities website by clicking on the country flags or by using the links below: