Sign the European Citizens’ Initiative on achieving a tobacco-free environment and generation by 2030

You are invited to take an active part in EU policy-making by signing this initiative and contributing to a healthier environment and healthier population. 

On 24 August, the European Commission (EC) registered a new European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on “achieving a tobacco-free environment and the first European tobacco-free generation by 2030”. 

The objective of this ECI is to:

  • end the sale of tobacco and nicotine products for citizens born since 2010
  • have more more smoke-free and tobacco waste-free beaches, riverbanks and National Parks
  • increase outdoor smoke and vapour free spaces
  • eliminate tobacco advertising in audio-visual productions and social media, and
  • fund R&D projects about tobacco-related diseases that will improve prognosis.  

An ECI aims to call on the EC to create new laws. Once the EC has registered an ECI, the organisers need 1 million signatures from 7 different EU countries, so that the EC will decide which action to take on.  

ELF is inviting you to support this ECI and contribute to a better, healthier and more sustainable future by signing the initiative. The deadline to sign is 16 February 2024.  

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