COVID-19: update from the DRAGON project

The DRAGON project aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to more accurately diagnose COVID-19 or other infectious diseases in the future. It also aims to be able to better predict the outcomes for patients.

ELF is proud to be part of the DRAGON project – an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project which started on 1 October 2020, in the middle of the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and which will run for 3 years. The project is coordinated by the University of Maastricht with Radiomics as the Project Lead, as well as the involvement of a wide range of partners.

DRAGON is built on the hope that we can increase the capacity of health systems, speed up the pace of research and innovation, and empower citizens during a pandemic if we:

  • improve how we diagnose people
  • are able to predict patient outcomes early on
  • empower citizens and patients to participate in their diagnosis and care

New website and LinkedIn page launched

ELF is working with the European Respiratory Society (ERS) to ensure that the aims and outcomes of the project are open to as many people as possible so that they can be involved in this exciting project.

As part of this, the new DRAGON is now live and can be viewed here. Please go to the website for more information about the project, its partners and aims.

A dedicated LinkedIn page is also available for anyone interested in being kept up-to-date with the development of the project.

Sharing the experience of those who have had COVID-19

People who have had COVID-19 and other people with concerns and interest in COVID-19 and future pandemics are at the heart of the DRAGON project and have formed a COVID-19 Patient Advisory Group (PAG).

The COVID-19 PAG have been working hard to produce some materials to help people understand more about the personal impact of COVID-19, including two videos:

They were also key to the development of the COVID-19 factsheet, which is available on the DRAGON website in 22 languages and in an Easy Read format.

Learn more about COVID-19

One of the areas really highlighted by the COVID-19 PAG is the lack of evidence-based information on COVID-19 and knowing what information to trust and rely on. As part of the DRAGON project, in collaboration with ERS, the COVID-19: State of the art will be held on 29 April 2021. During this full-day virtual event, top level faculty will share the latest advances, data and best practices relating to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. A Patient View session will also be included. To find out more about the latest programme and to register, please visit:

Please note that you do not need to register for the patient session. This will be live streamed on YouTube.

Tell us your views on mobile phone apps for COVID-19

We are currently trying to collect as much input as possible about the direction of the DRAGON project.

Part of the project’s work will be to create a mobile phone app to give information on COVID-19 to patients and the public. To do this they would first like to find out whether people would use an app and what they would like an app to include. Please complete our anonymous survey to tell us what you think. We would like to hear from you even if you have not had COVID-19 or used a COVID-19 app.

The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete and is available in six languages: Dutch, English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish. It will be available until 14 May 2021.

Complete the survey online




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