ELF Long-COVID Virtual Patient Conference: recordings now available

The virtual long-COVID patient conference took place on 10 July. People registered to attend from over 100 counties, over 800 joined us online on the day, and over 500 have viewed one of the recordings of the event.  These are now available on the ELF website, and we will be adding subtitles in different languages in the coming weeks.

Attendees were a mixture of healthcare professionals, people with long-COVID, patient organisation representatives and interested members of the public. We had over 100 questions sent in on the day, and the discussions reflected the uncertainty about what causes long-COVID and how to treat it, and the need for more research.

Response to the conference was overwhelmingly positive, with 95% of those who completed a survey describing the event as good or excellent, and 100% asking us to run similar events in the future. One attendee commented that they had been in tears when presenters were describing the symptoms of long-COVID, as they matched their own symptoms which they felt had not been taken seriously by medical professionals.

Watch the session recordings.