ELF launches first-ever festive fundraising campaign

Be an ELF star this festive season: buy a star and leave a message on our wall to support ELF.

This festive season, we are launching a campaign to raise money for translations in 2023.

Our elves are busy all year round translating our work into as many languages as they can to ensure people around the world have access to up-to-date, accurate lung health information. We are asking you to help support them and reach even more people in 2023. This festive season, you can support ELF by buying a star and leaving a message on our wall.

ELF works on a global scale, and we try to ensure that as many people as possible have access to our materials and up-to-date information by having it available in numerous languages. To do that we spend more than €40,000 each year on professional translators.

They have translated our online European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP),  infographics, our Healthy Lungs for Life schools programme, and sections of our website. We also relied on translators to be able to react quickly to translate materials into Ukrainian, making sure that displaced people had access to the lung health information they needed.

Please help us to continue to fund these translations and translate into even more languages, by following the link, making a donation, and leaving a message on our wall of stars.

Not only will you be helping the work of ELF, but you will also receive a star to share on social media and the link to the wall of stars with your wish or message for everyone to see.

See the wall and buy a star to leave a message