ELF visits World Bronchiectasis Conference in Dundee

This month the ELF team attended the seventh World Bronchiectasis Conference at the University of Dundee alongside 600 bronchiectasis experts and patients from our bronchiectasis patient advisory groups (PAGs.)

Bronchiectasis is a long-term lung condition causing mucus build-up and increased risk of lung infections. The World Bronchiectasis Conference offers attendees an opportunity to explore the latest bronchiectasis research and discuss future areas of interest. 

This year’s event, which took place on 4 – 6 July 2024, included an Association and Patient Village (APV) to encourage interactions and engagement from the different voices of the bronchiectasis community. 

ELF was proud to have a stand in the APV, alongside organisations from across the world. On the stand, our team showcased our bronchiectasus resources and work with patients and carers of those living with bronchiectasis. We also heard from other organisations and explored different perspectives on bronchiectasis. 

The conference gave us an opportunity to meet with members of our bronchiectasis PAG. Whilst some members joined the sessions online, 9 delegates from countries attended the event in person, including Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and UK. Barbara Crossley, a PAG member from the UK, joined us in Dundee to get involved in some of the sessions. This included a demonstration of breathing techniques to manage bronchiectasis symptoms in those with the condition. Other members from our bronchiectasis PAG also contributed to the event, with Donna Heilwell from Switzerland delivering the opening speech in the Opening Address, which was very well received. 

Throughout the conference, we were not only reminded of the effects of bronchiectasis on people living with the condition themselves, but also the effects of this on their relatives. Zena Powell discussed the parent perspective on having a child with bronchiectasis within the Paediatric Bronchiectasis Track, developed in collaboration with Child-BEAR-Net, an international organisation aiming to improve the treatment of children with bronchiectasis. The Paediatric Bronchiectasis Track was a session surrounding the science, treatment and different perspectives on paediatric bronchiectasis.  

It was fantastic to hear from the experts, organisations and patients in attendance and we look forward to participating in the World Bronchiectasis Conference again next year. In the meantime, make sure to check out our events page and get involved in any other bronchiectasis opportunities.