Lung cancer clinical trial recruiting in Spain and Poland

ELF is running a pilot with a company to see if we can help recruit individuals for ongoing clinical trials in Europe in different respiratory disease areas.

The company is currently recruiting patients with advanced lung cancer in Spain and Poland into a clinical trial. The trial is testing a new immunotherapy drug called MGD019. It will look at whether the drug is effective for certain tumour types including advanced non-small cell lung cancer. The researchers hope that certain tumour types will be sensitive to the new treatment. The trial will also test the safety of the new drug. It will do this for example by carrying out blood tests with participants to make sure it is not having a detrimental effect on their immune system.

If you live in Spain or Poland, have advanced non-small cell lung cancer and would like to find out more about the trial, you can do so here:

Information about the trial in English

Information about the trial in Spanish

Information about the trial in Polish

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