Thank you for your support in 2023!

The European Lung Foundation is funded from many different sources. This funding is essential for us to do our work and we are grateful to everyone who contributes. In 2023, we managed to raise almost €100,000. We want to highlight and thank those who donated.

Breathe Clean Air

Clean Air Fund contributed over €80,000 towards our work raising awareness of the negative impact of air pollution and motivating the ELF community to become clean air advocates. Working alongside our partner organisations has helped us to sway opinion on clean air legislation and support clean air policy initiatives. We look forward to working with Clean Air Fund again and achieving even more in 2024.

Support from companies

This November, in aid of Lung Cancer Awareness month, we had two companies kindly make donations: Plymovent and Olympus.

Plymovent produces solutions that remove pollutants from indoor air in the metalworking industry, garages and fire stations. This is very important to help maintain good lung health in a work environment. Throughout November, they have been raising awareness of lung cancer on social media and their website, supporting lung cancer foundations, as well as donating €1,000 to ELF.

Thank you to Olympus who made a donation of €2,500. We will put this money towards updating and translating our online resources on lung cancer, ensuring that patients across Europe can get access to the latest information.

Take the Active Option

Throughout October and November, Ferrer have been running a Take the Active Option fundraiser in their offices. It has been a great way to inform employees of the importance of good lung health and to get everyone moving for health. We look forward to letting you know how much they have raised!

Whilst ELF takes donations from companies, we do so with the understanding that they will not influence how we deliver projects but instead help us to expand upon the workplan already in place. We are keen to hear from more companies that would like to support us in this way, so please get in touch with our fundraiser Katherine.

Thank YOU!

Many individuals throughout the year made one off and regular donations towards our work. Whether it was because you had taken part in one of our patient conferences, because you joined in #TakeTheActiveOption or you left a donation in memory of a loved one, you helped us raise €3,000 in 2023. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and support!

It is not too late to still support us this year. You can make a donation or take part in our festive stars campaign.