An online Zumba session was held by healthcare professionals in Colombia to help raise awareness of the importance of physical activity for healthy lungs

Organised by the Fundación Neumológica Colombiana, the event invited people to log on and take part in the Zumba class, while also sharing important messages about lung health. Held on social media, the event was supported by a Healthy Lungs for Life grant to assist with promotion and advertising.

Keeping active is a key part of pulmonary rehabilitation, a programme of activity which many people with lung conditions are encouraged to take part in to manage their symptoms. At Fundación Neumológica Colombiana, the rehabilitation programme includes Zumba classes with different levels of intensity and duration. Held on World Lung Day (25 September, 2020), the aim of this event was to encourage people with or without lung conditions to keep healthy and take part in daily activity in a fun and dynamic way.

Throughout the build up to the event and during the class, the social media posts reached over 19,000 people. The event also featured in a patient newsletter and resulted in a TV interview on national television.

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