Task Force: Guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of severe asthma

Aim: To provide guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of severe asthma using the latest research and expertise from across Europe.

Patient input: People with the condition were invited to review the guidelines and give feedback. The feedback was reported to the Task Force and used to develop a public version of the guidelines.


Severe Heterogenous Asthma Research collaboration, Patient-centred (SHARP)

Aim of the project: To improve understanding and treatment for severe asthma by bringing together asthma specialists, researchers, pharmaceutical industry and patients.

Patient input:

  • Patients are at the heart of SHARP. The project is led by two professional and two patient co-chairs, supported by a wider patient advisory group.
  • Patient representatives input into all aspects of the project design and delivery, including identifying research topics and influencing the design of research studies.

Get involved: 
Find out more about the project on the website.
Find out more and join the asthma patient advisory group.


Aim of the project:  3TR is the largest project ever funded under the EU IMI scheme, focussing on autoimmune, inflammatory and allergic diseases including COPD and asthma. The project aims to provide insights into mechanisms of response and non-response to treatment across different diseases.

Patient input:
Two respiratory patient working groups, for adults and adolescents, support the project. They have been involved in identifying treatment outcomes, such as quality of life, which are important from a patient perspective. They also discuss the design of research studies to make sure that patients participating in research are well informed and looked after.

Get involved:
Find out more about the project on the 3TR website.
Join the respiratory patient working group by emailing