ELF joins international lung health organisations for first-ever World Bronchiectasis Day

ELF has joined the COPD Foundation and other lung health organisations around the world to declare 1 July as World Bronchiectasis Day, to raise awareness of bronchiectasis and its increased prevalence in many countries.

Bronchiectasis is a lung disease that affects hundreds of thousands of children and adults worldwide. In this illness the airways become enlarged or scarred, making it difficult to clear mucus properly, leading to recurring lung infections. Symptoms include frequent coughing (often with thick, discolored mucus), sputum production, breathlessness, repeat chest infections, increased tiredness, unexplained fever, chills, sweats, weight loss and chest pain.

Living with bronchiectasis can be an isolating experience, as a member of the ELF Bronchiectasis Patient Advisory Group (PAG) explains: “Almost everyone knows what asthma is but to explain bronchiectasis is not that easy – so I normally never do that and just say I have a lung disease. It was really difficult to find a lung physician who had real knowledge of bronchiectasis.” Annette Posthumus, the Netherlands.

ELF’s PAG works closely together with EMBARC, a pan-European network committed to promoting clinical research and education in bronchiectasis.

“Bronchiectasis is a common disease, but many in the general public have never heard of it. We owe it to our patients to change that. World Bronchiectasis Day about is about shining a light on this neglected disease. EMBARC, ELF and European Respiratory Society (ERS) support a registry with over 20,000 patients worldwide and extensive research initiatives that are making a real difference for patients. We are proud to be working with partners around the world on World Bronchiectasis Day.” Professor James Chalmers, Chair of EMBARC.

To be recognised annually on 1 July, World Bronchiectasis Day aims to raise global awareness of the disease and help those diagnosed with it, and others who may be vulnerable, through education, advocacy and a global conversation centered on reducing the burden of bronchiectasis for patients and their families worldwide.

This year’s World Bronchiectasis Day will focus on raising awareness for the disease, with the following years focusing on treatment and the search for a cure.

About World Bronchiectasis Day

World Bronchiectasis Day, July 1 2022, aims to raise global awareness of bronchiectasis and help those with the disease, and others yet to be diagnosed, through education, advocacy and a global conversation focused on reducing the burden of bronchiectasis for patients and their families worldwide. To learn more about bronchiectasis and to support annual World Bronchiectasis Day, visit

Information about bronchiectasis

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