Early life behaviours influence our lung health in later life. As such, the aim of the Healthy Lungs for Life for Schools project is to develop an engaging early intervention educational package. We want to educate young people about the importance of lung health and influence their behaviour to improve their lung health throughout life.

If you are interested in taking part please contact us: info@europeanlung.org

The intervention

As part of the project we want to reach as many people as possible as such we have offered a two tiered approach:

Tier one:

  • The full online collection of resources for your chosen age group free of charge.
  • Local event.


Tier two:

  • The full online collection of resources for your chosen age group free of charge.
  • A visiting healthcare professional to deliver a session about lung health in your school.
  • Local event.

Local event

We will also hold an event in a central location shortly after the sessions in the schools where we invite parents and children to come along. It is an interactive session where they can access more materials, speak to the experts and perform spirometry testing for free. Spirometry testing is a simple but effective way to test your lung health. It can also get people thinking about their lungs and what they can do to look after them.


The First 14 materials were developed with TWINKL in-line with the school curriculum. TWINKL are a learning resources development company specialising in education worldwide. The project is working in partnership with schools, students, parents and healthcare professionals to produce and engaging intervention.

The TWINKL resources for ages 5-14 cover:

  • What the lungs are
  • The gas exchange system
  • Dangers of smoking
  • Making model lungs
  • and much more…

The Twinkl resources are also availabe upon request in Spanish and Catalan.

Access the TWINKL resources

We are now working with Sarah McLusky to develop complete lesson packs about air quality for ages 8-11 and 11-14. These are currently being finalised and then will be translated for an Italian audience. They will be made available here in summer 2023.


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